On this day in 1980 some kid brought this to school

An album.

Who brings an album to school?

Somehow a record player got rolled in on a stand with wheels usually used for a little movie projector. The kid opened the album and put it on the turntable

I was in 8th grade.

“The Cradle Will Rock” blasted out. Was that a 747?

Eddie Van Halen.

I had heard Van Halen before but it never really cut through me like it was doing. My heart was beating. Pounding.

Before I knew it “Everybody Wants Some” saw our backs were against the ropes and came in for the knockout.

Was this band playing in the jungle?

How was this fair? Where were the teachers?

Just two years previous I had kissed a girl for the first time and couldn’t believe it. Two songs in and I felt the same way about whatever brand of rock this was.

You can talk in the middle of the drum beat break down?

‘i always liked those kind of high heels, too.’

Previously kids had brought a few things into school over time that were cool.

One kid brought his damn horse, Chief.

But this was better. And I understood why he brought it in.

‘look, i’ll pay ya for it.’

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