proud of myself bc i fixed this blog

even though ive been blogging over 20 years now i dont know how to fix anything.

id always ask friends for help.

one of the nice things about Blogger was you could put in a support ticket and ask them for help and they would and they were always so nice about it.

then the other day either on tiktok or youtube this programmer said

psssst we’re not really all that smart, we just know how to Google better than you and use Stack Overflow

so there was this error on the top of my blog and i googled it

then i clicked the Stack Overflow result

and it said turn off each of your plugins one by one.

this would have been scary for me but after the Cubs won the world series i just stopped giving a fuck.

my blog does not look as pretty as when Gregg designed it, but it is nice to be able to play around with it. i hope to do more of that on

i have so much to do for that thing. voice overs, editing, and working on the website.

young natasha the other day fully insulted so much of hear in LA, mostly the social media

and i wanted to say girl we’re blasting out two episodes a week do you think thats easy?

im also downloading a proper audio editing program so i can wack out most of the obvious cruddiness before i send it to jordan

that way he can get through the edits faster and we can more easily pump out two a week.

control is an illusion, true

but having more ability to make the blogs cooler

and the podcast more beautiful

then i can focus on the hard stuff

making the video commercials

california love

i couldnt be more happy with the podcast 

and blog post for todays episide of Hear in LA

it’s with a guy i used to work with at E! 20 years ago who is a photographer and curator who helps shine a light on other photographers

it’s crazy to think i would not have ever seen any of these pictures if it hadn’t been for Michael, and yet here they are and they’re beautiful and im so happy to help him help others

michael also happened to tell me about his neighbor who is a character and you will be hearing about him very shortly too

i am in a very good mood, even though i shouldnt be

i had a great interview. wonderful young woman. living right.

she made us delicious snacks to eat during the thing, which was good bc we talked for 2 1/2 hours.

that reminds me i need to wash my windsock.

usually i give the guest the mic with the windsock but i must have had a smoker because i was using it last night and omg it smelled so bad.

today i am working on things. i didnt do what i wanted.

i wanted to write a weed thing and put it on medium

but my heart was thinking 4/20 is the worst day to write weed stories

because EVERYONE is writing weed stories and maybe just maybe no one wants to read about weed on the day we are supposed to

plus ive got a good story and i dont wanna get it buried

anyways good things happened today and bad

for example the cubs lost

but i did get work done

and best of all my man Ben gave me a link to a job that i should totally get bc im super qualified

BUT i might have to move to San Francisco.

would i do that for the right job?

ugh. such a hard dilema.


but that would be the end of Hear in LA


who’s to say i couldnt jet down to LA a 2x  times a month, do 2 on Friday night, 2 on Saturday, and fly back Sunday. do it every other weekend. keep this hollywood apt because hotels would cost me basically what im paying here in rent. hell maybe even keep my car here.

just live in SF like a hermit, minamalist like this woman last night. with no car to save cash. then fly down on weekends.

actually if i was only doing 2 interviews on Saturdays, i wouldnt even need to spend the night.

i need to figure this out.

but the thing is… never quit. not even this. i can do both things. and do a great job.

thats the other thing about this job, i have sooo many ideas for it and i could do a way better job at it than anyone else.

im depressed

worked hard the last few days on this podcast

and the thing is i know what im in for. im trying to make something out of

not nothing, but im upset that my interviews with relative unknowns are not popular.

i am having intelligent, interesting chats with normal people and

every week im surprised a thunderstorm of traffic doesn’t come racing to it.

for years ive studied this.

for years i was successful at this.

even at the academy when i presented normal people, bright as they were,

to the madding crowds it was met with yawns.

i am so idealistic its gonna kill me.

i want people to see the absolute beauty in these people.

love your neighbor.

today i got super depressed about global warming of all things.

i kept thinking, the worlds gonna end bc people just cant stop voting for republicans

or fucking people who vote for republicans.

both are unhelpful.

but then my brain would say, no no, the world will be fine

the people will die, the world will keep spinning and become healthier

the minute the last human has coughed themselves to death.

that minute.

ive talked to people who are buddhists pretty much.

theyd say just let it be

relieve yourselves of your attachments

who cares if the people die?

we have had plenty of chances to support more AOCs and defeat more GOPs

but this crowd just couldn’t

these fuckers couldnt be bothered with a vaccine for the plague!

so if anything this podcast is what i hope the aliens find

so they know not all of us

were terrible

if i had my way

id release 5 episodes of hear in LA next week

we have more than that many in the can and i just listened to one of them today

and it is soooooooo goooood

is this why i dont have children?

i would have just loved the newest one and forgotten about the rest?

the one coming out today is with alex dionne who i went to ucsb with

who is a real estate person now in a very fancy part of LA

so she has sold a house that cost over $5 million.

you get $100k commission for that

her answers were so good but because im an idiot i didnt know how to mic the convo

therefore theres echos every where in the thing

like so much it sounds like we are in a church inside a cave inside my skull

i wonder if people will ignore it

im such a weirdo about sound quality now

im terrified people will stop listening due to technical issues

anyways shes great and, heres the people off the top of my head coming up next

sass, a dude who the cops targeted, a woman who used to work for shonda, a dude who the sheriff of LA hates the most, a great photographer, a woman who knows everything about transportation, and a guy who played bass in bob dylans band

i want them all out right now

the world needs to hear all of this it’s so good – but i only do 2 a week

that means half of that you wont hear until next month

i may have to convince jordan that we need to do a menage a trois weekend and bust with three on the same week… or even three in the same day omg omg

have i told you i am loving the pax vape?

its the pax era – $50 for the pen

and $40-$50 for the cartridges that get you high

i can sleep, i can eat, i can concentrate, i can write

and it gets you high.

im glad i went through all the nonsense with the oils and tinctures and edibles first

because its nice to know those things dont work for me

and this does

it does de-motivate me, which is weird bc i dont smoke it that much

3-4 puffs max a day

usually late at night

but it carries over

if i ever do get a little fu-money i would like to go to vegas and see if i can get a 12 hour sleep

thats the only place i can

isnt that weird?

i think it’s bc my mind is vegas inside

and ive had soooo many good times there

so many

nearly died once but that was my own fault

so yes my mind is at pure rest there.

one of my very first busblog posts was about meeting ashley there


i like secret weapons

money mark and mario c were the secret weapons of the Beastie Boys post Pauls Boutique

the boys (and their lawyers) didnt want to pay out the exorbitant fees required when using samples

so they had to pick up their own instruments and play.

the boys were good, but could use help

mario c was a great producer and percussionist and he knew money mark who played keyboards

the other day i interviewed Mark and he was so cool, so chill, so open to talking about anything

it was a delight

then i had him sign one of my Beastie Boys posters and he was gracious about that too.