have i told you i am loving the pax vape?

its the pax era – $50 for the pen

and $40-$50 for the cartridges that get you high

i can sleep, i can eat, i can concentrate, i can write

and it gets you high.

im glad i went through all the nonsense with the oils and tinctures and edibles first

because its nice to know those things dont work for me

and this does

it does de-motivate me, which is weird bc i dont smoke it that much

3-4 puffs max a day

usually late at night

but it carries over

if i ever do get a little fu-money i would like to go to vegas and see if i can get a 12 hour sleep

thats the only place i can

isnt that weird?

i think it’s bc my mind is vegas inside

and ive had soooo many good times there

so many

nearly died once but that was my own fault

so yes my mind is at pure rest there.

one of my very first busblog posts was about meeting ashley there