been eating a lot of pizza with an african american

it’s really funny, she’ll say really nice things and then say

did you shave in the dark, you missed some spots

today she asked, why dont you date women your own age?

i said, women my age dont eat pizza three times in a week.

last night we went out to tacos

i was in the best mood.

we ran into this tall black rapper with amazing jewlery and tattoos everywhere

i said, are you two from new york?

they were wearing yankees caps.

the jewlery guy was all no, we stay in south central

i said, oh the NY is for your gang?

there was an uncomfortable pause, it was around midnight after all.

but zorha was there looking cute they werent gonna do anything

and finally he said, yeah it stands for Neighborhood.

later he asked me how old i was

why are ppl so concerned about my age?

anyways todays pizza: a+

last night’s burrito: a-

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