got to drive uber a lot today

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some days im burned out. some im depressed at uber.

some im mad. some im beat.

today i went from over by my house, picked up a rich girl who was going to pasadena to chill with her pa then fly to eastern europe

was way out there so i figured how bad could it be, someone will wanna go back to LA.

nope. a chinese kid on summer break from the university of illinois wanted to go to san gabriel for real chinese food. hes from china. been living in champaign urbana for four years. i said youre doing the right thing.

uber has this thing where if you decline too many rides then you cant see where the next request wants to go until you start the ride with them.

i was in that situation in san gabriel. got a ping for a different chinese restaurant. i figured it was some nice old lady who had just had lunch and wanted a ride home.

nope it was an asian kid who spoke no english who wanted to go to chino!

uber has this thing where if it’s 45+ minutes they tell you that no matter how many youve declined so you can decline that if you want.

chino was 44 minutes away. in the opposite direction of LA.

i was so mad. but fortunately it was 1pm. i figured i could get out there really fast and get back to home base without hitting too much traffic.

and along the way i figured id teach this kid rock n roll history.

the metal years.

dio, scorpions, ac/dc, motorhead, maiden, ozzy were all represented. he just nodded his head.

zero english.

as we listened i thought, did this kid work at that restaurant? if so why was he leaving in the middle of the day? did he get food for his pa? i know the food is great over there, but chino doesnt have any good spots? i had so many questions.

at the end of the night i did something illegal.

but the people i did it for were so happy.

and relieved.

and french.

and they gave me $20.

when i got home i saw i forgot i left my whole chicken on the table.

maybe the angels knew it was undercooked