some usc kid left his vape pen in the back of my car

I was deep in the hood when I saw that I’d received a voice mail. Turns out one of the students I dropped off near USC left his $100 vape and $75 cartridge in my back seat.

Because young ppl are young he didn’t leave his phone number and Uber doesn’t make it easy to contact passengers – for your safety.

But my Waze remembers the last couple of addresses I’ve plugged in and his was in there. So I headed back.

Got to the apt but it had a code box. Apparently the building houses many little apartments. A student smoking on the curb let me in. But inside was another door with a code box. So I knocked. Someone came out but didn’t know the kid I was looking for.

Finally Uber let me call the guy. He said his friend would come out to retrieve it. When he did he was shocked I returned the valuable Stizzy and cart and said omg thank you.

I said tell your buddy to tip me in the app.

Hours later: no tip.

Lesson: don’t do things for tips. Do things because it’s the right thing to do. Also who knows maybe he’ll tip in the morning.