theres nothing i love better than to be proven correct

partly because we are constantly trying to make the correct decisions

and those are based on assumptions we are making that either patterns will continue

or a hiccup in the routine is due.

when it comes to social media i know exactly what something means

if a brand puts a warning on its facebook page, for example

it means the social media person has no clue what theyre doing

or it means their boss told them to do it because he has no clue what social is.

i’ll explain briefly what social media is: it is a street fight with no rules and invisible foes.

and lots of them.

so if you are, say, a social media omg director, and you tell people in the wide open public that

social media is hard

then the foes will know you dont know how to fight in this jungle

which means you will make all the rookie mistakes.

brands, btw, are not allowed to fight in public. its a bad look.

which is why great social media brands ninja that shit.



with no paper trail.

bro is just flailing, making a mess, banning and blocking furiously.

sometimes i forget im so much older than the kids

sometimes i forget that they didnt see the rise of all of this, first hand, in the front row.

so they are reacting

instead of directing.

sometimes i forget not everyone is in the jobs they are best suited for

and that can make them anxious and self conscious and riddled with imposter syndrome

and thats when i would say

life is so short.

if you are faking it, and you know you dont love your path, then change it.

do the thing that you arent a terrified phony at.

do the thing you omg love even if you cant be the director of it

even if you have to start all over again at the bottom.

bc i’ll tell you this, people at the bottom who love the thing, rocket to the top.

in college i was a fine sports editor

but i had an assistant who was great. maybe the best.

i stepped down for her because it was just so obvious.

she ended up being a pro journalist for decades and even a college journalism instructor for a bunch of time – because it was the thing she loved.

stop fucking around, do the thing you love, quit the thing you suck at.

throwing basic bitch links on basic bitch stories is not hard

neither is moderating a facebook thread.

go start your OF