do i really have a blog?

theres been a lot of things happening with this thing, which is why i havent written here.

but i guess it works now. this is the longest ive gone without blogging regularily

and one of my rules is dont blog about not blogging and dont apologize for it

just get on with it, so fine.

today im thankful bc its thanksgiving, but im always thankful

im thankful that i can just say ECHO PLAY LED ZEPPELIN EVERYWHERE

and zeppelin music comes out from all of the speakers in my humble abode

im going to a thanksgiving dinner held by a friend ive known over 30 years.

such a talented dude who has lived his life the way he would have wanted to since he was a lad

and i guess in a weird way im sorta doing that right now myself, maybe for the first time in a long time

my cars in the shop so i gotta chill for a few days

which might be just what the doctor ordered