ive decided i will write a book about driving around LA

probably shouldnt call it an uber book bc who knows if they’re take me off the platform for writing about it, even though as an independent contractor, they should have no rights to do anything towards me as long as i don’t reveal anyone’s personal info and name

but still. i should include other trips ive done that werent on the platform. i have a few stories. including one where amber called me from her hotel and said a guest had accidentally left luggage behind, and could i drive to vegas right then for $400.

i said yes and half way through the journey i wondered, what if im smuggling hundreds of pounds of coke or something.

anyways the only thing that keeps me motivated about this book is the overwhelmingly positive reaction i get on FB any time i post stories, and the nice feeling i get thinking that this is just the style of bukowski talking about any of his jobs.

just matter of fact, but btw look how insane all of this is.

it flows very easily. it’s nice.

i want to do 64 stories in the book,

because thats how much drivers get per mile.

sixty four measly cents.

uber gets the rest.