took this lawyer from his mechanic to his office

it was from pico robertson to century city. i knew he was a lawyer. everyone in that area is if they’re old white dudes.

but i made him feel good. i asked, are you a talent agent?

lol no no, im an attorney, he said

it has been drizzling on and off, windy at night. theres some clouds. but the pretty fluffy kind.

clear skies. we talked about how when he first moved here in the 70s there was lots of smog.

“i dont care how much gas prices are in California, we pay for those additives that make the air clean.”

i agreed, with a caveat that i did not express.

(my issue with the high gas prices is it should be reflected in the uber fare, but uber refuses to raise their rates in LA, which are the lowest in the USA)

it wasnt a long ride. we chatted civilly.

then he said, “i have never driven with an uber driver with a perfect 5.0 rating. but now i can see why you have it.”

then he tipped me $1.01