R.I.P. Lou Ottens, inventor of cassette tape

This is why it’s good that God made me a blogger and not the bouncer at the Pearly Gates. If I held the velvet rope and this guy showed up and said ‘hi, I invented cassettes,’ I wouldn’t even examine his heart or history.

He could have been a terrible person but I’d say, ‘lemme stamp your hand bro. VIP is behind that cloud.’
Cassettes were amazingly durable, flexible, and portable. You could toss one from one side of the house to the other. You could leave them in your blazing hot car.
If I made a mixtape for you and took time to list the songs on the card, it meant I loved you.
Thank you Mr. Ottens. Thank you so much.
You created something I still have too many of decades later, all of which could be repaired either with scotch tape or a #2 pencil.