whats the narrative of your life right now?

they say there should always be a story in your head about yourself

and you should def be the hero

although lots of times when i hear ppls stories theyre the victims

when i tell people about Hear in LA sometimes they’ll say oh you mean like People of New York?

but that thing, as good as it is, is often victim stories

which if thats your narrative, ok, but every sad song on the radio is a victim story

i want to hear about what happens after the clouds part

and youve survived the storm

what did you do with your second lease on life?

who did you help?

what did you add?

at the begining of the Plague, miley cyrus was being interviewed about her love life

she said she was single and looking but she wanted someone who could

bring something to the table

which might be tough when its the miley cyrus table

but should it be?

you dont think miley wants things outside of money fame power and funny clothes?

you dont think theres something deeper than

what magazine pages tells us?

im pretty sure that if you are a child star who actually makes it as an adult star

all the things in Star magazine mean nothing to you

because youve seen how shallow they are IRL

and at the end of the day you still have to crawl into bed with not just that


but with you.

and you know whassup

does miley want me and not know it

yes, but what will miley bring to my table

do i even have a table?

i do, it holds my toaster