the husband of a good friend reached out to me

it was perfect.

i was asking for podcast equipment advice on my facebook.

he DMed me and said i will help you and i will sound engineer and edit your podcasts

i said why?

he said because i am an angel that has floated down from Above

i said i’ll give you half of what comes in

he said, works for me.

then he texted me the device i should get

and the extra microphone

he’s a musician so maybe he can also perform some of the musical ideas i have

for example every two weeks im going to need a theme song for the place im talking about

even if he can’t do the theme song

maybe if i hum it to him he can make some joyful noise

and if it’s not good at least it will be weird

even bad is good sometimes when it comes to theme songs

and the best part is, if this thing takes off, and i say to the crowd: ok i need a theme song for This Subject, then people can make the themes and we’ll play all the best ones on the podcast.

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anyways im very happy today

i was so happy i slept in too late. me and my shrink had agreed to have our session today instead of tomorrow and it was to be at the ungodly hour of 10am

naturally i slept past that and hadnt even set an alarm,

got charged $100! which is fair. i’ll never miss a session again.

anyways im gonna go all in on this podcast

if i die, i loved you all.