she was probably too young not to have a kiddie seat. nobody has explained the rules.

babies, sure. they need a car seat. but she was not a baby, she was just small. 6 maybe? but she was with her mom and her older sister who appeared to be 11 or 12.

they were going to childrens hospital in hollywood.

thems the dice you roll when you accept short trips. some short trips are incredible: the person is waiting for you and they’re cold or they have high heels and they just dont wanna walk those three blocks. they’re apologetic, embarrassed, blushing.

but what a better way to make $3.82 than to swing up a block, pick up someone and drop them off in minutes? if i could do that 5 times in an hour ive burned very little gas, never had to fight traffic, and made $19 in an hour no big deal.

sunday, for example, i really wanted to get out of anaheim so I accepted a ride from disneyland to LAX for $22.

sure i made $3 more but i bet i burned $8 worth of gas because that trip was 33 miles and my car only gets about 22 mph on the highway. so yes short trips for the win.

both little girls had some sort of caps on their heads. cloth. were they religious caps? did they have cancer? you never know in LA and their english was not good.

“ok we’re going to childrens hospital?” i confirmed.

“yes, childrens,” the mom said while the older daughter sneezed into her mask.

“best hospital in LA. we are so lucky to have it.” i said. the trip would be 4 minutes long.

“hospital.” the mom said.

the youngest girl convulsed unhappily. she didn’t really want to be in the car. i was hoping if she had to barf most of the mask would catch it. but i knew it would be terrible.

instead i focused on the bright convention of fluffy clouds who had floated in for a little vacation.

we turned the corner and the little girl started to cry/whine simultaneously. the sister sighed audibly and the mom hugged the little girl who was also sneezing.

i scrolled down my iphone to apple music and typed in Disney and clicked Let It Go.

the crying subsided into lil hiccups.

the song has a long intro but every kid from the wealthiest mansion to, well, my neighborhood, knows that fucking song and thank Peter, Sneezy with the cap on knew it too and as we were a few blocks away there she was singing loud and with her whatever it was accent


and we got into that childrens hospital driveway just as the song was fading out. they sneezed one last time while fumbling at the door handles and finally popped out.

bye i told the group, waving

and i got one bye bye back.

from the littlest angel who couldnta said it cuter.