theres this great unreleased Bob Dylan song

its from the Shot of Love sessions called “aint gonna go to hell for anyone”

where he says he’s good at manipulation and all these things

but what good is it if you go to hell?

over the last few days here, people from the future,

so many bad things happened in war and politics.

people who routinely call themselves Christians

did terrible things to their neighbors.

if you live in texas and you find out your neighbor is getting an abortion you can sue them for $10,000 and i think even have them arrested

and if someone like me drives them to the nearest abortion joint in Louisiana, I can get sued for $10k too.

WTF is that?

and the majority of the Supreme Court said works for us.

Christians said that.

i need to have a game show except it wont be a LOL ha ha game show like some ryan seacrest thing

it’ll be dark.

i will be the host.


and i;ll ask about your favorite new testament verses

and then people will pop up and say oh hi marco rubio but what about this?

and he will have to explain why he totally fucked over the poor but let the rich get off the hook

right after the last commercial break there will be a

Redemption round.

all your sins can be forgiven and all your negative points can be erased

if you promise something

and it better be sincere.

because who cares about this dumb game show, lil marco

you should care about the man upstairs

tomorrow i start therapy

sesame street

today i filled out all this paperwork which basically asked the same basic bitch questions over and over.

there should be a national database for that.

i know i know ppl could use it for evil, but grow up, Putin already knows more about me than my damn soon to be shrink does so why not just let her have what he has and call it a day

seriously 10 pages of things i had to fill out and “sign” including my name address and phone numbers

how is that not given to her from kaiser? how is that even a question?

im a little nervous about all of this because everyone says you probably wont get along with your first few therapists and so does that mean 30 pages of paperwork awaits me?

today i learned that the US are thinking about spending 100 billion on 600 nuclear missiles.

i looked it up and there are 3.5 million FT and PT public school teachers.

you could give all of them a $20k bonus and still have money left over to fund music and the arts programs nationwide.

who’s launching nukes against anyone these days?

its all cyber warfare now. stealing my data. and a lot more than my dumb social security number.

these people know patterns. inventory. passwords.

we dont need 100 billion in bombs we’ll never launch.

we need smart, well prepared teachers

to produce smart, well prepared kids.

bombs are for dumbasses who dont know how to close.

there was a car chase

usually im super down to live tweet car chases.

but there was only one channel airing it and everyone was bad.

the dude anchor is like the most stuck up cheerleader around. everything feels like an imposition to him. never excited about anything. no humanity. no life in his voice or face. total dead fish.

then the lady anchor actually had tons of life. real cheerleader. but she had nothing to say.

motion and no movement they used to call it when i was a pitching coach. a fastball that just goes from point a to b without and razzmatazz.

the copter guy was ok. but as you can see from this screenshot, they had none of the bells and whistles on the overlay. important things like WTF is this, and how fast is everyone going.

is this everyones first car chase?

worst was they had a retired cop on the line who they could bounce questions off. which is sorta ok

but only if you also had a retired thief on the line too. i mean come on. at this point we could all pretty much guess what the cop is gonna say, but do we know what the former crook will come up with?

sometimes i feel like i need to just run everything.

the billie eilish documentary is fantastic

billie has never gone to school. her parents have homeschooled her. she and her brother write all of her songs. their parents still live with her in the house she grew up in.

shes a rich person now. in the doc her dad buys her the car she wants for her 18th birthday. it’s a muscle car. it’s black. it’s beautiful.

she struggles with her boyfriend, like most teens. he’s black, beautiful, but clearly not into her.

she is trapped in her bubble, due to her overwhelming popularity. she also loves him. but he rarely hangs out with her. when he does she lights up. her big blue eyes shine.

she gets him an incredible pass for Coachella. shes playing it. shes nervous about it, as anyone would be. will the fans like her? she doesnt look like any of the typical coachella chicks, because shes not typical. she could really benefit having him there.

she calls, “where are you?” he always has bad excuses. he’s never there. it’s heartbreaking to watch. one of the most popular people in the world can’t get her man to come see her. it’s not like she’s hard to find, either shes at home or on stage.

is it sad that the only Black person in the doc is trifling? yes. but who among us didn’t experience unrequited love as a teenager?

regardless, this is a fantastic doc that gets right into their little Highland Park home and into our hearts.

it was worth staying up all night to soak in.

the pete sousa movie is incredible

i cried.

and it was inspiring.

one thing i have always admired with politicians is how they can remember peoples names.

if im ever in an office again i want to make a little game out of remembering everyones names because even though i try to be friendly with everyone, probably the greatest show of respect is to remember everyones names.

i just get so scared that i will say mary instead of juanita or something.

the other thing i loved about the film was Pete said he was on call 24/7 for 8 years.

it reminded me of this hollywood agent i watched a few interviews with.

he has a max of 30 clients and he has a simple rule with them, if he calls them and they don’t pick up or call back ASAP, it’s over between them.

likewise, even if he’s giving an interview, his ground rule is he will always pick up or text back ASAP if they contact him.

so even in his interviews he is checking his phone constantly.

because of that, he’s a renowned agent and people are fighting to be repped by him if someone falls off.

i’d like to be that reliable to someone.

i would like the people i work with feel like they are as important to me as if obama texted them.

why not?

even at my busiest, really, how many phone calls did i get?

it can be done.

today the white house health experts said

it’s gonna be between 100k-200k people who will die.

on one hand that sounds like a lot, on the other, when you factor in how long it took us all to get in our damn house

it doesnt seem like many considering how many live here.

also, they say it’ll only take a few months.

if it’s longer, ive got ideas. let me tell you.

either way, and i have to say that this is an odd feeling

i feel like i got it earlier this month but i didnt have the fever.

for two days it was pure evil.

nothing worked so i just stopped trying and eventually it just died.

imagine if my fast food injected blood could help be a help for the cure

why dont they test everyone when we get the mail every morning

we’re home for pete sake.

im working hard but i got time to hand over some blood for the nation

been watching the first few twilight zones

i dont think, ive ever seen the first seasons for some reason because none of these seem familiar.

a few are trippy but not what made twilight zone iconic.

theyve got all the pieces together but it’s not clicking yet

because amber grew up here and has seen it all we try to figure out which studio lot they were filmed at, then look it up on google

shes always right.

its so fascinating how in the early 60s they were so obsessed with both cowboy westerns and going to the moon.

one foot behind and one foot ahead.

then there was also the matter of the devil or something like it. you dont see a lot of that these days. maybe because we’ve seen some heinous things recently.

i read a lot of twitter. theres a lot of bad things out there. the checks and balances seem to be a bit out of wack.

so you gotta just be one of the good stories in the feed. there are always a few.

be one of them.