one of my goals is to blog every day again

while it’s true im busy af, unlike sucker mcs i can do it all

been writing tons for setlist which i adore

also im editing hear in LA now which does take time but its rewarding and i can not micro edit the thing so every little thing i want out is now out

the blog post still take a good 12-14 hours to do because my adhd is insane

talked to my shrink and she put me on new pills bc i was like hey this folkalin aint working

whats different about this pill – i forget the name – it just makes me happy

the last one made me wanna write love letters to exes

not sure if this one has made me more focused, but thats the goal.

last night i went to the movies and saw 1.5 movies

i was late for the beyonce movie but watched the second half anyway bc it was mezmorizing

she put heaven and earth into that show. he dancing. her singing. the set. the band.

no disrespect to t swift. but bey beat her on this one.

today is thanksgiving and ive got questions

were the pilgrims

– dumbshits who died pretty fast
– religious zealots who’s uptight views on sex poisoned us for centuries
– rebellious cowboys who dgaf about shit
– outcasts, debtors, crooks, and losers
– or the brightest minds who would kickoff a country that would eventually rule the world

naturally there were elements of each, but — is there a tv show or movie i can watch because i have a blind spot about my knowledge of the people who got on those boats and started this gangsta shit.

also, did they start it? was it in their hearts to take take take

is that human nature?

do i have that?

why do i feel like i have so much and it keeps growing on its own

i dont need your shit

but, is it different for a pilgrim? are they more desperate? are they more hungry?

when i first learned at like 10 years old what a harem is i was all omg i want a harem

but you grow up and you think i have a hard time fully connecting with one person

how am i gonna be able to do that with a dozen

likewise do you really need 10 houses

or the northwest territory

or ukraine

or my heart

this is why i made Hear in LA

Today my favorite newspaper, the LA Times, put out their 27 favorite movie theaters list (left) which covers the same old familiar ground their 101 favorite restaurants encompassed.
This is the major reason I started Hear in LA. The media in LA is either too lazy, too uninterested, or too uncurious about both The Valley and South Central to give it the same love and attention as the well-worn path of Santa Monica to DTLA from the 10 to Griffith Park.

There are both delicious places to eat and delightful movie theaters in the Valley and South LA. Shocking, I know.

The Valley has just as many people in it as San Diego. Imagine having a San Diego right next to you and pretending there’s no good movie theaters there.

What’s telling is, one of the 27 movie theaters on today’s list made it on the tally simply because one of the staffers grew up watching films there.

“This theater holds in abundance something no other theater in the country (much less on this list) can ever replicate: my childhood movie memories,” the writer, Tracy Brown, who grew up in Long Beach explained. “It’s where my dad once whispered to me that you can make a streak of color shoot across the screen if you threw a Jujube just right (I’ve never dared to try).”
Now, crazy thought, imagine a staff that included Native Angelenos from both the Valley and South Central and the personal relationships they would be able to share about their neighborhood cinemas – if that’s suddenly a valid reason to be on a list?
Or crazier thought – what if the LAT intentionally decided in 2024 to cover *anywhere other than* this same old beaten path where clearly most of their staff lives?

what a crazy day today was

its 420 and imma write this get high and go to sleep.

9am construction guys are coming thru.

gonna suck.

but today was great. finished my first hear in LA episode i did all alone

edited the audio and everything. crazy. had to learn about automation so i could adjust the volume within the thing. i also had to find music and insert that in.

was easier than i thought.

but half way through the day i saw a guy snooping around the courtyard. turned out he was an interview i was supposed to have.

embarrassed i put everything together and we did it and it was one of the best ones ever. he was such an interesting wine and booze expert with a fascinating story.

then a beautiful red head called me. then i was cooking and me and a’magine were texting so i just called her and that ended up long. so the episode’s blog post didnt go up till 10pm. then i had to work for setlist.

i had already done some of the research over the weekend bc i knew id be slammed today but i didnt finish till 4am because i never know when to stop on those things. and there was still more i coulda added.

some guy wrote in to tell me i was wrong about something and thankfully it went to bree who proved to him i was right. of course im right i love seeing whats true.

todays episode is very good.

we talk about antifa

and why he went from catholic to muslim to catholic again

and local politics which no one really cares about but they should. imma talk about it every time i can.

so glad this blog is working again.

today is moka’s birthday

there was a time when i would just walk up to cool people and talk with them.

moka worked for i think wikipedia or something crazy like that, we were at sxsw in austin

at a rock show and i just cruised over

where did i get such courage?

where did it go?

we had a very good conversation and i think went to one or two other shows

kept in touch on facebook for years.

i wish i was more like that bearded man with the bootleg sonic youth shirt that i bet goes for $200 today

that was a selfie with a dslr with no viewfinder which is why most of it isnt us

the second best thing about that picture

it’s 322am im pretty sure i know why im exhausted

today i published episode 107 of your favorite podcast

the guy i featured never told me if he liked it or hated it or what which is always disconcerting

but he didnt say TAKE IT DOWN so i guess thats nice

then i went and interviewed the most interesting man in his late 60s who is a novelist and TV writer who has a great Craftsman home. he grew up in South Central near Inglewood and achieved the American Dream.

he was so good but i feel like i didnt do the best job interviewing him.

then i got home and dilly dallied for my setlist work.

finally did what i needed to do but that took all night, ending at 3am.

and now im thinking about what i did the other day for Ambers sister, family and friends. i have all these pics. over 2,000.

problem is theyre very personal. many not appropriate for families. like her being cute in tiny boy shorts or topless or wearing sexy dresses. totally forgot how often she’d pose when id say holy shit what the hell are you wearing.

let the record state, we did not have a perfect relationship which is why we broke up 2x. but when we were together every day we did our best to make it work. knowing it was doomed. knowing there was an elephant in the room.

next to my resistance to commitment Mammoth.

we drove everryyyyyyywhere

pretty sure this is the Westside Pavillion roof right before it stopped being open to the public

we did this thing where id pose her looking out into the distance all alone

Date Night, she’d caption it.

so when we saw this totally barren parking lot i said run out there, sit down, and lets do a Date Night.

and i know i still sorta have it and i could probably get a girlfriend again but i wonder if the next one will be as open to pose for silly pics and

love me.

or just want me for my 1 pack abs.

trust me

if i could i would blog more but my days and nights go so quickly

and this blog hardly ever lets me in

so when it does, like now, sometimes i dont have a bunch of things to say other than holy damn am i busy

i try so hard to start my work early but it takes me hours and hours to research the things i write for setlist

in part bc i dont wanna let bree down

but also bc if real fans of those bands read what i write i want them to feel enriched not

omg this guy knows NOTHING

so now its 1am and ive gotta chop up some of the podcasts before they get sent to jordan

then maybe i can sleep before 4am?

thats the goal

love ya bye

had a nice talk with raymi the minx

over the years we didnt do a lot of telephone talking but the great thing about her is i think she respects me and she knows i respect her too

didnt get a lot of sleep last night

was i being haunted?

i hope so.

i wouldnt mind it.

i just hope everythings good.

i want things to be good.

the Republicans kicked out their own Speaker of the House today without a replacement.

what a train wreck.

god gave me such a beautiful girlfriend


who was so loving, and lovable, and sweet

and i swear to you i tried

but i fucked it all up

even when it was over and she reached out

i didnt know what to do

and i am so sorry. i wish you could know how sorry i am.

i think about her more now than ever

but what good is that?

how could i have been different? what could i have done?

are some problems unfixable?

no i dont think so. i think there are always solutions. always.

she was right here for years. right here every night.

im trying to think, other than a few rare exceptions we were right next to each other every night.

why couldnt i fix it

i was nervous that if we ever broke up she wouldnt be able to pull it off

she was soooooo good at work, i said to myself, of course she can

or she will meet some handsome rich guy and that’ll do it

but no