the young lady on the far left posted this pic yesterday

it’s one ive never seen before, and even though Isla Vista was a pleasant blur, I sorta remember that day

i was new. i didn’t know anyone. i was in the dorms. i was a transfer student coming into ucsb in the winter quarter. everyone had met and befriended everyone, but not me.

very quickly everyone was super nice to me, a trend that would go on all my time there.

they said hey we are all driving to a chinese restaurant. i was all, sure i’ll go.

the guy in the long hair and green sweater would eventually become my roommate. we had each been assigned these wild water polo frat boys who i tolerated but drove John crazy, so we traded roommates after a few months. he was into punk rock, the replacements and good books. i ended up annoying him too but we had respect for each other.

the young woman i dont remember at all but she not only remembers me clearly but swears we hung out more than i remember. over the last few months she has been a patreon of my podcast.

of not are my glow in the dark leopard print Converse hi tops which i got at the Converse outlet on Westwood Blvd near UCLA. back then the Village was poppin and brands often experimented with short runs of things to see if the kids would like them.

after i went nuts on facebook over the pic she posted this one from that same day

thats me at 21. very few pics show me that close up at that age. who knows what happened to that sweater. it disappeared like the hair 🙂

i have had such a blessed life surrounded by the coolest people who have always been so nice to me. i thank God for the experiences i have had. pics like this blow me away because we took so few photos back then and i am shocked when some surface knowing people have had these for decades,

now i wonder what else is out there.

theres nothing i love better than to be proven correct

partly because we are constantly trying to make the correct decisions

and those are based on assumptions we are making that either patterns will continue

or a hiccup in the routine is due.

when it comes to social media i know exactly what something means

if a brand puts a warning on its facebook page, for example

it means the social media person has no clue what theyre doing

or it means their boss told them to do it because he has no clue what social is.

i’ll explain briefly what social media is: it is a street fight with no rules and invisible foes.

and lots of them.

so if you are, say, a social media omg director, and you tell people in the wide open public that

social media is hard

then the foes will know you dont know how to fight in this jungle

which means you will make all the rookie mistakes.

brands, btw, are not allowed to fight in public. its a bad look.

which is why great social media brands ninja that shit.



with no paper trail.

bro is just flailing, making a mess, banning and blocking furiously.

sometimes i forget im so much older than the kids

sometimes i forget that they didnt see the rise of all of this, first hand, in the front row.

so they are reacting

instead of directing.

sometimes i forget not everyone is in the jobs they are best suited for

and that can make them anxious and self conscious and riddled with imposter syndrome

and thats when i would say

life is so short.

if you are faking it, and you know you dont love your path, then change it.

do the thing that you arent a terrified phony at.

do the thing you omg love even if you cant be the director of it

even if you have to start all over again at the bottom.

bc i’ll tell you this, people at the bottom who love the thing, rocket to the top.

in college i was a fine sports editor

but i had an assistant who was great. maybe the best.

i stepped down for her because it was just so obvious.

she ended up being a pro journalist for decades and even a college journalism instructor for a bunch of time – because it was the thing she loved.

stop fucking around, do the thing you love, quit the thing you suck at.

throwing basic bitch links on basic bitch stories is not hard

neither is moderating a facebook thread.

go start your OF

i took the day off yesterday

and then half the day off today.

felt good.

i dont like that my hands and wrists hurt.

im happy im gonna have a vacation soon.

im happy people are asking me if i would like to work for them full time at decent salaries.

who knows maybe i can do one of those jobs AND uber

or two of those jobs AND NO uber

maybe i can pay off these debts no honest man could pay?

maybe ive suffered enough?

maybe ive paid my tab to society?

or maybe the universe has seen that i can sustain myself by driving around town and it’s all “oh shit, this fool figured out a cheat code. let’s give him a real job with cool ppl.”

my biggest goal is to be debt free in a few years. the pandemic and lack of fat checks and semi-supporting amber sent me into a hole that i thought i was gonna get saved from any day.

but that day had other plans.

thank God i have this Benz.

it’s been hot so ive taken it easy

wrote a thing for Setlist today in a little over three hours about a six hour concert

talked with a great guy about charles bukowski for the podcast

drove a bunch last week and hit my goals but i had to work six days to do it because its so hot that i shut it down at around noon bc its weird to have the windows down and the AC on

saw Bodies Bodies Bodies tonight, was good, the ac was broke in the theater but it was fine. movie was good. Solid A-.

a24 is amazing.

today LAist launched their podcast about the neighborhoods of LA

sound familiar?

well How to LA’s first episode was 10 minutes long

i’m not saying good things can’t happen in 10 minutes

but Hear in LA

goes deeper and longer.

dedicated twitter, FB, IG and youtube channels

and hour long episodes so you can

you know

get to know the most important part of the neighborhoods: the people.

anyways, welcome to the jungle, LAist

thank you for affirming that doing deep dives into each of the neighborhoods in LA

is a valuable and worthy venture.

glad you agree,

people don’t believe me when i say i love competition,

but it’s true, i do.

kicking ass alone is boring

wrong again, tesla_eth


Uber bribes drivers w/ these 3:30am bonuses because
– 3:30am drunks puke in yr car
– 3:30am drunks want to fight you
– 3:30am drunk drivers are driving erratically
– 3:30am drunks ping you, pass out on a couch and type “Be Right Out”… but dont come out and you don’t get that bonus, you get $4 and miss that surge.

some usc kid left his vape pen in the back of my car

I was deep in the hood when I saw that I’d received a voice mail. Turns out one of the students I dropped off near USC left his $100 vape and $75 cartridge in my back seat.

Because young ppl are young he didn’t leave his phone number and Uber doesn’t make it easy to contact passengers – for your safety.

But my Waze remembers the last couple of addresses I’ve plugged in and his was in there. So I headed back.

Got to the apt but it had a code box. Apparently the building houses many little apartments. A student smoking on the curb let me in. But inside was another door with a code box. So I knocked. Someone came out but didn’t know the kid I was looking for.

Finally Uber let me call the guy. He said his friend would come out to retrieve it. When he did he was shocked I returned the valuable Stizzy and cart and said omg thank you.

I said tell your buddy to tip me in the app.

Hours later: no tip.

Lesson: don’t do things for tips. Do things because it’s the right thing to do. Also who knows maybe he’ll tip in the morning.

sweet saturday

I drove a couple less than 2 miles early this morning. It took 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Because they had reserved a ride they were charged a premium, which I guess the driver keeps.

I was paid $37 to take them from one part of DTLA to another. They were not staying in a great hotel.
We talked about their child who they were visiting who had just graduated college.
An hour after I dropped them off in front of her building I received a notification that they tipped me an additional $10 and change, which meant I earned $47 in about 10 minutes.
This is not how things often go. On good days (which every day above ground is), I could be grinding from one side of town to the other for peanuts.
And weirdly even at 730am on a Saturday morning there’s traffic in LA. There’s ppl who will wear a mask but pull it down so as to not mess up their makeup.
There’s escorts wearing the most interesting stringed blouses sitting on their secrets tapping on their phone instead of talking to you.
And there’s people who will backseat drive you even though modern technology can tell you about an accident miles away.
After that fat ride I could have kept driving to see if the rest of the morning was going to continue to be fruitful. But at my age, and my cars age, and how sore my arms and hands are at the end of the week of driving, sometimes it’s good to call it a day at 8:30am,
plop on the couch next to the snoozing cats, and thank the Lord for the generosity of strangers and the concept of pure luck.