People are debating

whether they should give the death penalty to John Walker, the 19 year old Californian who faught for the Taliban and was captured.

I thought this was war.

I thought we killed people that we didnt like in war.

Sure it’s a sorta minor-league keystone cops war where we kill more of ourselves than they do, but our President says it’s a war, so it must be one.

Johnny went over there, learned the language, picked up one of those Russian rifles and aimed at people that were fighting for the American cause.

If he was a Black guy from Detroit that had done this there wouldnt be any debate. And if he was an Arab-American who was caught we wouldnt even know his name.

But what kills people is this is a young white kid from a decent part of Northern Cal who probably listened to too much Rage Against the Machine and bought in to that hippy bullshit that’s fostered over in places like Berkeley so he went over to a place where we were dropping bombs and chose to stand under a few of them. and if you ask me, he was on a suicide march anyway so why not give him what he was begging for?

Take him to ground zero, pull out a huge sword and chop his head off. Isn’t that what you want?

Johnny hates American oppression so much that he’s willing to die for what he believes in, then we should let him die for what he believes in.

I mean, I still believe in everything that I did when I was 19. Don’t you? And have no regrets…

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