So, sorry I haven’t updated my main page,

or my links page in a few days. My mansion has been a wreck and Rosa has been with her famila in Honduras for a few weeks, and then shes flying back for Christmas, and it’s been so cold, so I’m just been going to bed super early cuz I cannot stand my filthy house and these cold nights. But the good news is I feel so rested. The bad news is, my site suffers. Sorry kids.

Still people feel the need to call me on the phone at all hours including Gwen who said that she read my Blog and was pissed that I didn’t mention her or her backup singers or dancers at the Billboard Awards, all of which was a big thing for she and her band to parade out there.

I told her I liked all the lesbianic mayhem that she and Pink brought to the stage and asked her if it was a new thing in pop music.

She said, “gotta compete with Britney somehow.”

Amen to that sister. Then I told her that Tony looked gay playing that stupid bass keyboard with his real bass pointing straight up like some phallic necklace. So she hung up on me. Which would have been so great, but she called back.

Problem with all that is I just scored this super– SUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER cool voice anounce Caller ID system that calls out the number of the person who is calling you as the phone rings. Which is a perfect for when you’re sitting on the can and the phone rings or reading in the study with your pipe and you dont wanna get up to see who it is.

But it’s not so great when you’re trying to sleep cuz not only is the phone ringing like crazy but then you have Gwen’s pre-recorded voice saying, “Hey Baby it’s Me!”

Sorta drives you a little nuts.

Magnavox came up with this technology when I was working there back in the day and they refused to give it to anyone else and they refused to make many themselves cuz it was costing like $75 at Target ten years ago when Caller-ID was still so brand new. The company gave me one, which was so great, but I knew my mom would really love it so I gave it to her a few years back and even though I love my mom I was hating the fact that I gave it away, and I always thought it was gonna be easy to replace, but it wasnt. Anyhow, God Bless eBay.

Gwen called back and finally left a message, poutingly she said, “you could at least write about my little tie.”

Gwen wore a little tie.

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