as some of you might know,

i have a terrible crush on allison from melting dolls.

if only she knew i existed.

today she acquired and solidified and installed the domain name

the other day miss montreal was over my house and i was looking at allison’s site and she was all, who’s that chick? and i was all, thats allison, shes from georgia.

miss montreal was all, damn shes hot.

i was like, yep.

and she said, do you think she likes girls?

and i was all, hmmm, i dont know, then i was like, hey i saw her first!

then we made beautiful lust, rested, and went at it again.

during which i uttered nasty things in her ear

things like

you want that little red headed georgia girl here now.


what about NOW

oh yes.

what about TOMORROW ughn

yes yes!

what about on superbowl sunday?

oooooooo yesssssss.

and then we finished, i hosed off, and miss montreal blew her dog whistle and her limo pulled infront of my gates and she went home.

my aim’s so not true. + dogboy + allisons sister

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