its twenty minutes before 2004

ourselves clippers girl cousin is coming over in about an hour. i hope im awake.

i got surprise phone calls from two of the hottest women of the internet. one of them from a completly different country.

lets hope that i will continue to be this lucky through 2004.

lets hope that all our dreams come true this next year, k?

lets hope that our skillz progress and our full potentials are realized and that love overwhelms us and we’re swept away with happiness.

im watching dick clarks new years rockin eve. its pretty horrible but there really isnt much else on.

apparently television doesnt want to have to deal with it.

me and clipper girls cousin were going to see david lee roth at the house of blues but she got that terrible flu a few days ago and gave her tickets to her brother.

and now, of course, shes healthy again.

this was a great year and a terrible year for the cubs.

it was a scary ass year for kobe.

it was a pretty good year for the busblog.

i got to meet lots of super cool people this year, i got praised all over, i got to do some new things, and despite a bus strike, the blog continued to roll on.

every day.

several times a day.

mostly because of you, and for that i thank you.

jessica simpson is on tv so i hafta go.

i hope that all your memories of 2004 create a little smile.

happy nude year,


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