my girl paris was on fire tonight.

i hope you saw her. i love that she doesnt know anything. do they sell walls at wal*mart, tony? what are wells for?

your total is $68.51 for all your groceries, paris.

all we have is $50, can we get the rest free?

yes you can, baby.

much as you want.

i love that her size 0 lowrider jeans fall off of her skeletor body.

i love that she has a cup titties

but only when shes bloated

i love that when she introduces herself she says

hi, im paris.

aint no beatin that shit.

i love that she doesnt know how to work an automatic transmission

how she doesnt like dead animals

unless theyre purses or pants or pork chops

i totally love that she drives too fast.

you know youre pretty good lookin

oh yeah

pretty good lookin

youre pretty good lookin

oh yeah

for a girl

watched rules of attraction off my tivo.

pretty awesome.

then me and karisa talked on the phone for hours.

fucked up thing. shes got way better stories for your ass than i do.

simone + lawless + get yourself the corvids cd for christmas!

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