raymi wrote me an email today.

you know how nice that is?

and not once did she mention that shes auctioning off some of her art on ebay.

i love raymi.

she told me her real name but i just say raym…

and then she cuts *me* off

which i never allow, usually

but thank Jesus for the exceptions.

im watching paris hilton on the simple life mini marathon.

this is about the third time ive seen these episodes. i dont know what im trying to discover.

maybe im trying to find a flaw in paris hilton on any level. my girl can wear heels anywhere. thats pretty cool.

she looks good in bad clothes. thats hard to do.

one of my new years resolutions will be to write every night right after work.

it only took me two hours to write this.

and that is why i have this resolution.

i hope raymi makes a fortune on her art.

some guy just wrote me and told me that hed pay me five bucks if i told him to fuck himself.

i also got an email from amy from jaylex. that was pretty amazing.

never really realized what a good day today was.

on the subway home, waiting for the subway actually, a woman just started talking. telling people things in a little louder than necessary volume.

i never knew you could have a baby at thirteen.

its bad enough i dont have any teeth, but now im a thirty nine year old granny.

i know these two sentences because she said them over and over.

he called me up and said mom, i just had a baby.

i mean i never knew that you could have a baby at thirteen

it was straight out of slacker

she walked the entire length of the platform and came pretty close to trying to look every one of the fourty or so of us in the eye and tell us that she had no teeth that she was thirty nine that her son was thirteen and now she was a granny.

and that she didnt know that you could have a baby at thirteen.

i wonder if the guy who wants me to tell him to fuck off knows that my rate for that little service is twenty five, thank you.

video of the year + via makeoutcity

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