sex saturday

oughtta be called safe sex saturday is what miss montreal told me today.

i asked her if i was insane about my views on condom use and she said no, but that i practiced the safest sex shes ever encountered. and that i was intense about it.

i am intense about it and it kills me that i often find myself alone in my thinking on this topic.

to me it’s simple: condoms every time, period.

nobody talks about diseases that they have, and people for some reason tell me Everything. and i know zillions of people.

am i to believe that nobody i ever met ever got a disease?



do people tell you about diseases they get?

if they dont tell you and they dont tell me, then nobodys telling anyone,

and if nobodys telling anyone then perhaps thats why we have this completely unrealistic and untrue collective unconscious which says: i wont get a disease because people that i know and people who are like me are clean. it’s only Other people who get stds.

or pregnant.

heres another thing: everyone i know gets laid. even i get laid and im no runway model. which tells me that whatever is out there can spread fast.

so heres my christmas wish

smart people: start acting smart

mc brown has great pics of last night

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