so much has happened in the last 24 hours

that i dont even know where to start. so i wil do this. i wont talk about any of it.

its sunny today in hollywood. this is the first time ive had a chance to write to you since yesterday morning and all i can think about is the weather?

i know it’s the eve of my messiahs birth and its not thanksgiving, but i want to tell you all how thankful i am to have this blog, and to have each of you as my readers. it is a tremendous relationship and i am very grateful.

i realize that there are a lot of other places on the web that you could have clicked on, so i appreciate it every time you come here.

last night a hot girl came over. we were both sleepy so we just hung out on the couch and watched the lakers on tivo. little did i know that my home computer was crashing. i didnt care. still dont.

she felt good in my arms. we were spooning. soon i was snoring in her ear. its been a tough year at the xbi and next year i want a new gig, but last night i was just happy not to be alone. i was glad i had a full belly, and an empty beer glass and someone nice to get naked with.

some people dont have any of those things.

id just gotten her a nice book at Wacko for christmas.

i got her the little known sex book called The Guide To Getting It On, which is pretty highly rated over there at amazon.

all i know is it had funny pictures and it was close to 700 pages.

i also got karisa a pretty cool book too but i havent given it to her yet so i cant tell you what it is.

have i wished you a merry christmas yet?

merry christmas, blogosphere.

aint no bad dude + i wish her blog came with footnotes + adrants

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