this year im not going to wait for my ship to come in

thats for suckas.

this year im gonna make my own ship.

member maxim when it first started? it was terrible. and now its probably the best magazine around.

right when al gore invented the internet mc brown invented the original buzznet and then i invented Lick

sex drugs rock

the thing about lick was it wasnt as sexy as it was advertised to be, it didnt really have much drug stuff and it didnt have nearly the amount of rock as it shoulda.

im watching a hot girl cry on my webcam.

shes wearing something see through. i can totally see everything.

this is very odd.

now shes lighting up a smoke.

i wanna get the best writers on the internet to write for lick. no fucking around. no pay. no nothing. i want it to be the zenith of the web. the central most point of rock. the g spot of cool.

the problem though is how do you tell people no. that their shit is no good.

what ive learned from editing at the college paper is that people get better. the original blook is all about how one year of writing every day can make you better.

shes sitting at the piano now. sunlight showing me all. shes singing into a microphone.

i want this chick to write for lick.

i want raymi the fucking minx to set the tone for lick.

i want frangrant rocknroll to take pictures and tell us about foreign lands.

i want raspil iverson to design it

i want nothing special network services to host it

i only want chicks writing for it.

and me, of course.

the king of fuck.

ive been procrastinating going on a date with this super hot chick which means im gay. we’re going to see american splendor.

then we might do it right there in the parking lot.

in karisas truck but dont teller.

and if she asks i’ll just deny it.

karisa can write for lick if she wantsta

and i know there might be other Licks out there pretending to be something but i dont care.

motherfuckers coming back motherfuckers.









due her

doo r

kristin is 21 today, she can write for lick too if she wantsta

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