at first i thought dating a girl

who smokes pot as a good thing because usually they tend to be less uptight, generally topless, and fascinated by any decent movie you toss in the dvd player.

but this one smokes a LOT and gets really turned on when shes baked. gets wild. scary wild. and then when shes done she falls asleep and stays asleep for a few hours. all of those things are fine, except for the part where she wants me to hold her while she sleeps.

im all baby i gots work to do. but how do you say no sometimes.

the new job has only been mine for eighteen days and i already have done so much and need to do so much. chickie is coming over in a minute and we’re going to watch the Strangers With Candy complete series dvd box set thing.

its crazy hot in la. 100 degrees and its gonna stay like this for a week. im supposed to get my evdo card on monday which means i plan on being poolside all week.

tomorrow however i will be attending the dodger angels game which for some reason is a day game. in anaheim. we are not in the shade. and we will be drinking steadily since we’re taking the train back and forth.

afterwards karisa is having a pool party but its all the way on the wesssside so f that noise.

i got the Damone record in the mail today. and kt tunstall. and the format.

im going to take a long shower like mookie in do the right thing.

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