its been decided that i dont blog enough

that problem will be solved this week.

im also going to continue to write my autobiography. i say that because a lot of times when im doing something and if i mention it on here then i fuck it up and everyone laughs at me. jk.

tonights the miss universe pageant and i have a date to watch it over at clipper girls cousins house. she doesnt know its a date yet but if i shower and bring you flowers its a date so get ready.

its been butthot here in LA. i hardly ever talk about the weather here unless its raining or if its 100 degrees. fucker was 100 degrees yesterday. i woke up today at a reasonable hour and didnt eat anything or drink anything, laid down watched a little tv and fell back asleep again! what the hells up with that.

im loving big brother. everyones crazy for not watching this and watching the live feeds. im going to see if i can interview the people behind the scenes of bb.

heres something that happened this week. basically they had a few people line up and they said ok if you want to stay in this particular game you have to do whatever we say and the person who says yes to everything wins the game.

so people had their hair cut off. one dude, the pretty boy got totally soaked in blue which has been very difficult to come off. and one dude agreed to eat the Big Brother slop (like really horrible corn mash paste) for the rest of the show – 60 days.

ok it doesnt sound that exciting now that i say it.

i should be at the flaming lips concert but i like clipper girls cousin and the miss universe pageant more than a concert that i dont have a ticket to, i guess.

did i mention that i dont like writing autobiographys?

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