mr os is a pappy now.

he’s been a pappy for a little while, but i just realized that hes one. some things have a way of not sinking in.

os was born on a bayou in owensburough kentucky with a straw hat on his head.

most people dont know this but his first trip to the mississippi was when he was in the marching band.

it was winter.

it had just snowed.

the bus driver didnt pull over for any stops for hours and os had been drinking one capri sun after the other.

when the busdriver finally pulled over to get directions os didnt run to the bathroom like the other boys.

even then he played things cool.

he walked slowly over to a snow bank and as the girls watched as they stood in line for their bathroom os peed hi mississippi on the snow bank

and zipped up leaving the girls amazed and the bank steaming.

without him the busblog wouldnt be around.

his servers have kept this blog up pretty much 24/7, which is always a jinx because any time i say that something happens, so if it does blame me.

happy birthday my man.

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