this is antidisestablishmentarian

for years he was one of my top ten favorite bloggers of all times.

then one day he stopped blogging and only buzznetted. then he even stopped doing that.

maybe it had to do with the college that he was attending and getting straight a’s but you know maybe it was just lonely at the top.

but as they say in history class, that shits history. anti is back. he can be read on LAist. and best of all you can see his videos on there now too.

why is this man smiling? because the future of blogging is video like his.

and chicks with video cameras, or people who figure out how to use the video mode on their digital cams who’ll show us around their worlds too.

and also because he knows that, especially in hollywood, theres dudes who sit around in editing bays all the time fucking around with funny little two or three minute clips and would love to send them in anonymously but dont know that the address is thelaist at gmail dot com

antis also smiling because there are lots of talented people in los angeles who have reels or clips or little tiny five minute movies of something interesting that really should see the light of day.

we live in amazing times anti told me at the good luck club in los feliz last week. and i said yep. and we drank free booze and listened to good music and a few minutes later another one of the LAist contributers went next door to the fabulous Vista Theatre and talked to the general manager who was dressed up in a pirate outfit and then was allowed into the projection room and given a nice little tour.

a few hours later, it was on the web. just as good as anything youd see on the evening news, if not better because there were no time limitations and you could watch it as many times as you wanted.

today was supposed to be my day of rest but i worked all day pretty much even though my hands are hurting. somehow theyre feeling better today. maybe because i slept so much better last night without a bony barely legal filipina snoring up the damn place.

i remember when seinfeld was on tv. and i remember being so jealous of jerry because every week some super hot babe would show up and be crazy and jerry would dump her. and id think thats funny because its impossible. friends, its not impossible.

i had a very nice talk with jeanine today and i told her, sometimes life is so tiring. and she said, thats why theres so many chairs everywhere.

stream sufjan‘s latest illinois release + storytoday yesterday + media massacre in santa barbara

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