i was interviewed on bloggasm today

i like being interviewed. usually. particularily if im asked good questions. im not sure i know the dude in charge of bloggasm but he asked good questions.

heres an excerpt:

Simon Owens: How hard is it for you to balance between blogging for LAist and your personal blog? I noticed a recent post in which you’ve expressed guilt for not blogging enough on your personal blog, why do you think this is?

Tony Pierce: It’s not hard to balance, because there is no balance. I spend every waking moment thinking about LAist. I do feel guilty that the busblog has become second in my heart. But what can you do? Very few people get the opportunity to be a professional blogger. And there’s no way that I want to ruin things for others who might get this chance. So I want to do everything I can to make LAist more successful so that other publishers will see that if you pay dedicated bloggers a full-time wage that they will give 100% and give you a return on your investment.

There will be a time where I will figure out how to balance both blogs better, but right now pretty much anything that I think is bloggable ends up on LAist.

you can read the whole interview here

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