yes Adriel i had a lovely nap

and what’s weird about it is i read your comment in the last post right after my nap which made it a tad creepy as if i had left my web cam on and you knew i was asleep.

maybe you just have esp.

ive been a little under the weather and although i was invited to a few thanksgiving dinners i declined because i didnt want to give anyone my cold or whatever this is. so i drove down to The Pantry which was packed. id never seen it that packed ever at 3pm and as i waited to get the counter guy’s attention it dawned on me that maybe instead of ordering one turkey dinner special to go, i should order two and give one to a homeless person who didnt have a fireplace and a directv waiting for them when they got back home.

like you, i enjoy giving to charity, even though i dont do it nearly enough, and sometimes i might give a buck or two to someone and they’ll ask for three and i’ll be all wtf.

but today i drove about three blocks east of the pantry on my way to Skid Row and i saw an old black dude digging through the garbage and i was all yep thats the guy. so i turned left and by the time i got there he had crossed the street to go to another garbage can so i had change three lanes. i rolled down my passengers window and i was all hey bro you want some turkey? and he said yes!

and i handed him a huge plastic bag and he was all, thank you. i was all happy thanksgiving. and he was all god bless, i love you.

i love you?

and i’ll tell you i smiled all the way home, way happier than i thought i would be.

got home, ate half of it cuz they really pile it on at the pantry, ate the slice of pie that goes with it and passed out within minutes.

im not sure if it was the turkey or the Benedryl D or the fact that i had a great dinner meeting with my boss the other day and felt totally relaxed but i got a nice long perfect nap.

but now its 236am and im totally awake. im thinking about staying up and seeing if i can make it to 4:30am cuz if i do i might drive over to Circuit City and get one of those laptops that theyre selling for $99 during their Black Friday sale.

on my way home from the pantry i interviewed people who were already in line for the computer. the guy i interviewed said he never had a computer before.

life is very weird. people are living very different lives than me. i am very grateful.

tonight i found this video on YouTube that uses most of Tsar’s Ordinary Gurl with clips from a movie that looks horrible. but its nice and weird to think that people are so into Tsar that theyre using a 6 yr old song for a new movie.

adriel + chokey chicken is back + lindsay is looking for a spanking + zulieka has mice

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