me and karisa went to the avaong tongiht

im the bald oen

it was crazazy and shit amd i glad i dont kneeed to html andy more.

ok it was betsey johnson night and if you wore some betsey then you got a free bag. but we didnt know that. we just thought it was some weird raffle. and the line was long and it was La so peopl were cutting and ckarisa has a cast on and i just got back from sant i mean isla vista and nobody was prepared for the little LA hollywood game that you gotta placy to get whatr you want in hollywood on a friday night

and all we anted waws to get karisa a bag and there were super cool ones and there were betsey johnson runway videos playing on the main screen and this horriblke female dj oon the wheels of sttttttteeeeel and we tried to get our groove on but nobody could get there groove on

even with free drinkls

even with cute gursl everywhere

but is anyone cuter thank karisxa? no. maybe yes.

there were som hotties but no nobody hotter than our girl.

we drank. i forgot how quickly we can drink. has it been that long sincw e drank? i should take a cab to her house tomorroww. its her and her bfs bday tomorrowwww. im ean just his.
i went to IV today cuza iut was hot.
wehyenever its hot i thin ki should go to Venice or IV

i picked IV

hung with my bro joe

and then ca,e home to hang with karisa who was sooooooo fun you have no idea. we drank and talked adn judged and gopt slowly drunk it was killer. shes the best shes probabkly the only person i coulda don that wiht,

time do sleep fuckrs i mlove ou all.

sometimes the best way to start is to start

its 442. i need to take tomorrow off. but tomorrow is important for us because weve already broken all the previous records so every day is gravy. but who doenst like a shitload of gravy?

i have a dilemma that i wish was harder to figure out but all roads lead to meet me in vegas.

for a very short period of time i was representing a very small portion of the microsoft organization. and they put me up in the best room ive ever been in at caesars palace. during comdex. it was amazing. the year before i was working at philips and nobody wanted to come to our booth even though we had the shit a year before it was microsofts. yet there i was on tv because i was wearing a microsoft polo instead of a philips one.

even the porsche we were giving away couldnt outshine the sparkle of that company at that time.

i imagine people feel the same way about apple or google today.

but it is interesting to see people leaving google and microsoft these days. big people. but i’ll tell you, after that comdex i felt very weird working for basically one guy and knowing that my hard work was going to a bazillionaire, so what difference does it really make.

so i quit and sold hot dogs in candlestick and was far more rewarded.

i should just take this girl to vegas. stay at the rio. stumble down and dance to prince. call a girl up to strip in the room for a few minutes and then see if she would double or nothing us to scrabble. as long as she doesnt get last she gets double.

i have lost like ten or twelve pounds since lent started. i will say this about giving up fast food. not only have i had to find belts, but my poops are downright perfect.

totally fascinating for you too im sure.

omg lost

remember i was telling you about jenn sherry the other day on her birthday, well i finally found some of her interviews and i had no idea that she interviewed one of my favorite bands of 2006, the submarines.

i got an email from her boss the other day and he said that shes gonna interview me in the next few weeks so thats very exciting. the crazy thing is i think we’re gonna talk about coachella which i dont think im going to go to.

ah irony.

i dont think i will go because a) the motels are $400 a night – how is that even possible? b) its only one weekend c) i bet i can find people who are already going who will write about it for LAist

im such an old man. the other night i went to safari sams for check yo ponytail. i was there to see data rock but they didnt get on till way late and i got a phone call that the site was fuct. i saw two bands. one was good. i saw someone who i think still writes for us but im not sure. i love when she writes for us but i dont want to make it a bad scene so i dont bother her when she doesnt write.

but she should.

lost always inspires me to do stuff. today it inspired me to write a secret diary.

heres bonus footage of jenn interviewing the Grates at spaceland!

after i got back from sxsw i promised to go out more

so last night i went to a press screening of a movie, and i hated it. and tonight im going to a rock show and i will probably like it.

then i have to be somewhere both thursday and saturday nights. wtf, america.

ok the video above is by mickipedia, who i dont know but shes pretty damn cute on flickr and theres also an appearance by skampy who i only seem to see in austin or at the shortstop.

i dont know what the vlog deathmatch is, but it doesnt include ann althouse (which the instapundit is predictably silent about), but i hope she wins.

the eharmony thing didnt work out

so i went back to dating the old fashioned way, by hitting on waitresses at Dennys in the valley.

its hard to be intimidated by a waitress chick at dennys in LA, but i noticed that there were two types of girls who id end up asking out more than once. one were the girls who made me feel super cool and handsome.

but unfortunately the ones i ended up liking the most were the ones who made me nervous and made me feel ugly and disgusting. maybe its because i know im pretty damn disgusting.

also, i like being nice, and the girls who made me feel gross usually ended up on the nicer dates. whereas the sweet librarian types usually got their hair pulled harder and far more kinkier things ending up in their mouth and asshole than the other girls.

ive also been known to whisper some pretty foul things in the ears of shocked lass. but theyre always creative. and some are even possible.

the other night i had this girl tied up real good, face down because she was bad, i forget what she had done. oh yes, she had forgotten her plaid skirt. whore. and everything was going fine and she was still tied up and i was all is everything ok over there, and i lit a cigarette for her and she said yea and i put the cigarrette in her mouth because her arms were still tied to the bedpost you see.

and i said what do you wanna do next and she said tony i will do anything with you.

and if that doesnt make you feel like a handsome devil with a footlong cock then youre in deep trouble.

so i blew out the torch and got her worked up and she was a loud one which usually distracts me but ive been working on it. and i was whispering some shit and she was saying yes to everything and moaning and yelling and i whispered im gonna call your sister and let her hear you moan and she said please dont but she moaned it confusing me, which isnt to say i wasnt a bit worked up too, and we had drunken all that straight rum and something was smoked

and i was all, ok does she really not want me to dip into her purse and grab the phone and… or what? and i said im gonna put this phone in a very bad place and then call it with my phone and she said mmmmm and i said then im gonna sell it on ebay and she said mmmmm and i said and im gonna sell the video ive been making of this whole thing and she said mmmmm and i wondered if she heard me so i said and i will sell the dvd of what we just did for an hour and she said mmmmm and i realized that her phone had been on vibrate the whole time

and youd never guess when youre little who you wouldnt call back when youre older.

in a past life im pretty sure i was a hillbilly.

i dont mind the smell of shit, i love southern rock, and i believe that if your car isnt going to get parked on your lawn then what the fuck did you get such a big lawn fer?

if i can get my act together i will finish this blog, get a phone call soon from this chick who has grown accustomed to talking dirty with me after last call until she falls asleep while touching herself, and then i can get to sleep, and then i will wake up and go to a funeral.

i dont think ive been to a funeral since my grandmother died when i was in high school.

lots of people die in the xbi but we dont have funerals otherwise everyone would know, duh, whos in the xbi.

the little joke i tell the widows are, damn i hope theres room left for us up there when its our turn.

no one ever laughs at my jokes.

it was 77 degrees today but i didnt go outside because i was working my ass off. you have no idea how much work it is to beat peoples asses. then the best laid plans still fall apart. even when we have the product, the story, the goods.

this week has been such a recovery of sxsw. in the week i lost all my check books, my wallet, my hotel receipt, my mind, and cathy seipp, whose funeral i will dress up for.

you may not know it because i pretend to be a sloppy and lazy writer, but i choose my words very carefully when i type. and even though i wrote about cathy when she was sick and then again when she died, and then in an email to her daughter, the one thing i wanted to convey was how feminine she was through it all.

i didnt even try to explain it because i was afraid it would be totally misunderstood but theres something about someone who knows that theyre dying, who doesnt give up at all, but who also doesnt turn overly agressive, thats fascinating to me, and if you can do it while still staying incredibly graceful and feminine, i feel is something otherworldly.

to me thats how cathy lived her life during the short period of time where our circles crossed. she was strong and very much a woman and neither of those attributes canceled the other out.

we men have a tough trick being gentle without losing our masculinity which is why some of us grow beards and drive pick up trucks so you’ll never forget youre dealing with a gentle man.

i dont know who will be at the funeral, but ive got a pretty good idea. the same sort of people who would end up at matt and emmanuelles back yard on a summer evening, except we will be missing one very cool blonde.

cathy seipp is #1 in technorati + emmanuelle

today is jennifer sherrys birthday

shes 24. which means shes too old for me.

if she was younger i would have gotten her flowers sent to her dressing room before she got on the air today. then i would have taken her to the pantry and had a cabbage eating contest with her.

then i would have played the old, lets give away our food to the homeless game and seen who got the coolest homeless dude.

or lady.

jennifers birthday should be celebrated today because she left her town in kansas and followed her dream in LA. as a fellow midwesterner i can tell you that there are a lot of people back home who do not believe in the american dream, let alone the californian dream, which if you ask me IS the american dream.

my girl wanted to come out here and hang with rock stars and be on tv. people told her she was too tall or too curvy or too whatever. maybe they told her shed need fake boobs. maybe they told her that LA is for weirdos. maybe they told her that nothing is as finer as a kansas office job and a low mortgate. is that how you spell that word? what a dumb word.

jennifer should be celebrated because deep down im a very shy person. and on an airplane i am even shyer because all i wanna do is sleep. i sleep better on planes than anywhere in the world because with no directv and no dsl and no busblog i feel like i have no purpose and then my body agrees and we all dream about computers and television and rock music and hot chicks with cool hair and the ability to know even more obscure music than you.

that doesnt happen in kansas, people. it only happens in the city of angels. in a town so nice they named it once.

y en espanol.

for your ass.

beck is playing tonight at the echo for jennifer.

modest mouse is playing tomorrow night at magic mountain for her.

and even the sun came out to see what the hell the commotion is about.

happy birthday ms sherry who doesnt read the busblog and thats an even better reason to raise your glass tonight.