in the eighties when harry caray was doing the cubs games all was well until one spring he got sick

he rested up in palm springs and while he was out celebs came in to fill in for him. the best of course being mr bill murray who in this clip insulted the expos, canada, the canadian national anthem, and even the batting practice pitcher

Murray also mentions Pittsfield Mass – home of our very own Tomdog whose birthday it is today. hi Tomdog! happy birthday bro!

this clip is from April 17, 1987, nearly 21 years ago today exactly. and still as fresh.

and (further) proof that anyone was better than steve stone.

andy warhol on the critics “theyre right”

almost every sunday i listen to the velvet underground single “sunday morning“. if i had an alarm clock that would wake me up on sunday with a song, that would be the one. but of course i havent had an alarm clock wake me up for years, because God loves me. and of course no one needs an alarm clock to wake you up on sundays.

which is why the sunday morning mp3 alarm clock would be so rad.

maybe it should be shaped like a soup can.

anyways i have always loved warhol, maybe because he shares my libran ideals of beauty art music and fashion. and also the contrast of hyperproduction to stave off the constant belief that we’re being lazy fuckers. mixed with the belief that all conventions should be rallied against and reinvented.

i think warhol would have adored blogging. the idea of it more than actually doing it. but i think his blog(s) would have been amazing.

i also think if he was 20something right now he would have seduced raymi to move to newyork so he could make her more of a superstar than she already is.

raymi was on fire this week, fyi. mary kate olsen day was tremendous fyi, and fil’s photos of raymi last week were amazing as well (some nsfw)

happy 420 Day

heres some videos to celebrate this fascinating day

alison stewart, then of ABC News trying to pretend she didnt know what 420 was

price is right contestant repeatedly bidding $420

last year’s 420 celebration at 4:20pm at uc santa cruz (the most beautiful campus ever)

barack obama talking about US drug policy, hints that its racist and too hard on non violent crimes – 9/29/07