how is it that i have a case of the thursdays?

i blame the dreaded three day weekend, of which so much depends.

people refuse to relax on three day weekends. even less so than they do on regular weekends. people seem to think that three day weekends mean even MORE activity even MORE traveling, even less relaxation.

i drove to san dieger and back on saturday which was fun, but i definately needed all of sunday to recover and most of monday to get my relax-on.

my mom sometimes asks me when i will settle down and have a family but my question is, wheres the settling part when you have a family? seems to me youre always running around picking up the kids, dropping off the kids, cleaning the kids, waking them up, putting them to sleep, rushing them here and there and then on a three day weekend you’re probably either trying to have them see a zoo or relatives or taking them to a ball game.

how is that settled? settled is what happens to your natural apple juice when its perfectly still. it settles. settling is what two combative lawyers do when they wanna chill out.

settling is ordering chinese at 1pm and nibbling on it in your pajamas surrounded by magazines and newspapers while flitting with a laptop in your bed. considering a movie. considering a lite jog. considering a stroll to the 7-11, but ultimately settling on a short conversation with a pretty girl who says come over and you say nah and she says fine i didnt wanna clean up my room any how.

the only pressure involves trying to squeeze out as much relaxation on that extra free day as possible.

however now its thursday and you can see friday around the bend but all that means is pressure to do stuff on saturday. will it involve a road trip. does it include vegas or the beach. what about the apartment that needs to be worked on. what about the new mattress that should be ordered.

i have a good friend who doesnt drink one drop of booze for a month each year. i think im going to institute a dont leave the house on the weekends for june rule. i know people are like omg but its soooo beautiful outside! let me clue you in to something in hollywood, its always beautiful outside.

but its far more beautiful to have peace of mind, which is a side effect of truly relaxing in ones castle.

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