this is adam rose and my new fiance

at the idol pre party. she told me her name but i forgot it, but yes, she’s a gaucho and lovely and during the show we leaned over adam and talked about this seasons talent show (adam hadnt seen one single episode) and bonded.

until i dated myself. something i should probably just get used to as long as i keep my mouth open.

“bon jovi was the best show ive ever seen” my dear said at one point.

bon jovi?

there are just a few things that i hold in lesser regard than the pretty boys from jersey:

1. suicide bombers
2. san diego
3. the new york yankees

you know, bon jovi… i saw bon jovi on their first arena tour, i told her, unable to play it cool.

they opened for the scorpions. probably before you were born, 1983.

she said, i was born in 1982.

i sit corrected, i said. youre my little runaway was their big hit at the time, i went on.

she lightened up, or perked up, or something, but everything was up.

i booed them then, i said, and id boo them now.

deflated she ignored me for the rest of the show.

for some reason they didnt serve booze at the nokia for the idol finale shows.

people said it was because of all the kids in the place, but i saw only about 20% “kids” and what was the fear about having them there? the possibility that a few of them would have fake IDs?

all the kids there were accompanied by pretty powerful parents who were either in the tv or music biz. most of whom were just as annoyed as the teens that the nokia also had a rule against cameras and cell phones for this live event.

the camera and cell phone rule was something i could live with, even thought it was weird to be so detached from the two things that i had apparently made part of my body because i missed it the second it was gone and ran to it the minute i was allowed to reunite with it.

i was cool with the lack of cams and cell phones because if theres one thing that bothers me about rock shows these days is that like vonnegut space aliens, as soon as the rock begins all these arms raise up like periscopes holding cameras that not only disrupt sight lines but gives you the feeling that people arent as into the moment as they are trying to capture the moment for another moment in the future.

ive seen youtube. none of these people know how to properly document a rock show, therefore i shouldnt see anyone with cameras at shows. and people who try to film using cell phones – why even bother? for a 20 second shakey bad sounding clip?

maybe there should be a premium version of youtube thats curated by people who really care about good concert documentary video, likewise something over at flickr. when you go there youd see entire songs filmed properly with quality audio. charge us $5 a month to see stuff there. id pay. youd pay too.

but even though idol was being filmed live, if they had allowed cameras, people would still sit in their seats and try to video it to prove they were there. certainly not to blog – the perfect place to show that you were somewhere.

people should just get better friends.

my friends are perfectly fine with just believing i was places. hell they even believe this blog, one that clearly states that its fiction.

do you know where im going this weekend. im going to san diego.

the place i loathe and matthew good loves.

probably the only thing we cant agree on.

i will take pictures.

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