champagne was poured today in Entertainment

and the editor and publisher were there too

the occasion? the little blog that could, The Hero Complex was redesigned and moved over to the mighty WordPress platform.

this is a blog that a former dept editor said would never make it. “Boucher is way too busy to do 3 calendar features a week AND run a blog about comic books.” i was told.

not only did Mr. Boucher make that editor eat his words, but Geoff has seen his little blog host a freakin film fest (with guests Christopher Nolan, Leonard Nimoy, and Ridley Scott). how many blogs you know have a film festival?

look at my man paul weeping at the beauty of the newly designed blog. and check out our publisher Eddy basking in the glory.

from a note sent out by Entertainment Editor, Sallie Hofmeister:

Today the blog reboots with a dynamic redesign by Stephanie Ferrell that gives our visual-savvy readership a vivid destination on the Internet. There’s video and weekly trivia and a spot showcasing exclusive comic book art before it’s seen anywhere else. Susan King has a dedicated corner for coverage of classic Hollywood sci-fi and horror. There’s a direct pipeline to Show Tracker’s coverage of “True Blood,” “Fringe,” “Smallville” and other television shows that speak to the Hero Complex constituency. Our new approach to reader comments gives our audience a prominent platform to speak out and, more than that, connect with each other. All this enhances our relationship to a readership that has an obsessive passion for sci-fi, comics, superheroes, fantasy, horror, animation, special-effects cinema and illustration. There will be more coming, too: Video games will soon have a spot on the landing page.

The new frontier was reached through the efforts of Paul Olund, Scott Sandell, Tony Pierce, Jevon Phillips, and many, many others. It comes, too, as Hero Complex scored a record month for traffic in July with more than 1.1 million page views and launched a film festival with three days of sold-out crowds and participation by Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and Leonard Nimoy.

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