its friday but this is gonna be a reverse ask tony

normally you ask me something deep and personal and meaningful

but today i ask you a super secret personal question

what are you gonna do this holiday weekend

and bonus: what do you want to accomplish.


15 thoughts on “its friday but this is gonna be a reverse ask tony

  1. I’m going to spend as much time as possible in stretchy pants and/or pajamas.  I’m going to eat pancakes and bacon for brunch with a girlfriend.  I’m going to see a matinee movie.  I’m going to grab my dog, a blanket and a book and lay in the sunshine at the park.  I’m going to dig out all the hideous clothes in my closet that I no longer wear and donate them.  I’m going make a giant bowl of buttery popcorn and watch movies.  What are you going to do?
    You can ask me anything too:

  2. Starting off the weekend with a bang: EARTH, WIND & FIREWORKS. Then, maybe some Machete and a cooler of beer at the drive-in.
    Have a good one, Tony.

  3. I’m starting my vacations with a trip to Montreal that will continue on to Grand Manan Island New Brunswick and ends with a stop in Quebec City on the way back.  Tomorrow night eating at one of the best restaurants in Montreal.  I plan to accomplish a complete sense of relaxation and elimination of stress.

  4. I’m going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow with my family and friends. And when I blow out the candles on my b-day cake, I’m going to wish for a new chance in happiness and it will come true.

  5. Taking my family to a story telling festival next to the mountain (so the storytellers voices echo-very cool), watching fireworks, then going to a parade, then watching a pig wrestling contest and coming home for a beer!  Wish to achieve a status of -“not Thinking About Work!”

  6. all kids all the time: soccer practice, pancakes, pool, beach, more pancakes, more pool, s’mores, more beach, barbecue, more s’mores. There WILL be college football on TV.

  7. I wandered some back alleys of Kabul to watch kids fly their kites from their rooftops and snuch a picture or two before they noticed me.  I hung out with my favorite Iranian, Afghan and American photographers reviewing photos from all kinds of assignments throughout Afghanistan.  And best of all Ive been testing out my new local clothing that is really fun to wear and helps me blend better.

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