on the left is mr mark milian

today is his last day. hes moving to cnn

i have written about mark before. he came to us a few summers ago as a college intern and was so great we kept him around. i got blasted with him on monday as a farewell.

on the right is mr johannes from germany. he was here for a few months in an exchange program of sorts. this is what he wrote to the staff today in his farewell email. although it’s not typical inverted pyramid style, the best part of his note is as the end.

Hey everybody,

today is my last day at the Times.

The two months at the Times have been great. It was an honor and also a lot of fun to work at your outstanding newspaper. I want to thank every one of you for helping me and making this experience so great. I learned a lot and wrote a lot of stories for my newspaper in Munich. I would love to stay here for a longer time, but unfortunately time flew and I have to go back to Germany. My boss wants me to work on Monday.

I’ll definitely miss The Times and also the way you work. There is a far more investigative approach in every story you write than in an average German newspaper. In my first day I saw Angela Spaccia in Maywood’s City Hall. In my last week here I’ve seen her on TV as a defendant.

So, thanks again, I would love to hear from you.

Stay in touch.

For as large of a paper as we are we have very few critics. one reason might be because of what our german friend alluded to: people who have actually worked here this century know that the high level of journalism that made the paper what it is is still very much alive and well here and being practiced every day.

which may be one reason our people keep being poached by those who want what we’ve got.

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  1. True, smart people doing smart work. Going to miss that place.
    Been a great couple of years learning from you. In the words of the World Famous Bus Blogger, keep rockin.

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