dear tony, is it easy to fly a copter in LA?


dear tony,

i’m interested to learn more about the xbi. namely, why LA? aren’t the skies filled with helicopters anyway?

first of all theres no such thing as the xbi.

secondly, yes there are some helicopters in LA but most of them are cops or for the news or traffic. but id say they only account for a dozen or so. then there are the tourist ones that fly visitors over the city.

if there was an undercover group of super heroes who actually didnt have any super skills, they were just trained really well, there might be a job or two for someone who flew a helicopter.

specifically a black helicopter.

and if he was really good at it, the agency, if one existed, would probably set him up in a swanky mansion somewhere up in the hills where no one would expect a sloppy dressed dude in a cubs hat.

why a mansion?

where else would you land the copter?


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