dear tony, what the hell is this Cub fan doing?

cub fan

the reason the Lord loves us is unknown, but one thing that’s evident is this world is filled with mysteries.

without surprises and oddities we would be so bored with life that we would not find any pleasure in growing old.

goldfish often drown themselves out of boredom.

little known fact.

my role as a blogger is to entertain, inform and delight.

which, curiously, is the same job as a Cub fan’s right hand.

even when surrounded by a couple of dozen of young Asian ladies trying to figure out how they can get on the world famous busblog.

mystery is one of the things i like the most in life because i get so easily bored.

so i will not research this too hard.

i will just let it slide.

though i will acknowledge it and interesting.

and then, just leave it there.

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