the sweetest notes from people who have chipped in

managersAbout 24 hours ago I started a GoFundMe
to see if enough people could help me get to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs in the World Series.
(it cost $4,000 to sit in the bleachers)
(crazy, huh)

I am blown away that in that short period of time the pot is up to $677!

Here are some of the things people have written in their notes:

Cubbie Birthday, Brother Tony !
We’ve only met a handful of times but I know you love music, the Nexus and the Cubs! Happy Birthday!

I’m so excited for you!!!

Happy 50th Tony! Sending you love and pulling for the Cubs!

F@&$ yeah Tony! You gotta go!

First beer is on me bud.

Other than my late cousin Don, you are the biggest Cubs fan I know. Always happy to help a Cub fan out. Happy Birthday Tony and when you go, say hi to Don for me (he’s on the field and in the ivy) and he is their good luck charm this year.

Happy birthday, Tony!

Happy 50th! Now go to Chicago.

They won’t win unless you’re there.

Hope you make it Tony. Here is my, albeit small, contribution.

I’m poor, but I believe in dreams.

Go and enjoy every moment!!!

I know the coolest people. Thank you!

Just $3.1k to go!

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  1. my son and his wife were sitting in the section behind home plate at wriggly when the cubs won the other night. he said the party was incredible after the game.

    must be nice.

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