this pretty girl was all omg i would love you so hard if you let me

and i was all listen

if you knew me even a little youd know that the only reason anyone is even slightly interested in busblog is because this entire thing is an illusion

palm trees in winter

warm winds before the oscars

fantasy island baby da plane da plane

im here for one reason and one reason only and its not to be married five kids ranch home in the valley mini van key party

panic room

i am here to take you to the rock show once in a blue moon and

watch shooting stars in the back seat maybe



the first fifty years was about saving the world

the next fifty is about writing books.

this was always the plan.

bukowski didnt hit till after 50 and even then he wasn’t super happy. he was pretty happy but not super happy and unlike him i wanna be super happy. i know im not as handsome as he was or as tough or even as talented but im not a drunk im not wild

and best of all im black so i dont crack.

she was not happy with this response.

i could tell because this morning she returned the cheerleader outfit, hot pants, and headdress.

strangely she kept the shoes.


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