debating seeing Roger Waters

apparently this show is amaze

also hes 73

rock stars dont last this long

except for the Stones, i know,

and zep


tix are like $181

the screens are supposed to be like U2, incredible

and i do love those songs

but they do depress me sometimes

amber has been paying rent, so maybe i should be happy about that and use that money for tix

but i wanted to use that money to pay off the national debt.

because debt is bad, mmmmkay? but missing great rock shows is also bad.

do you see the problems i have in my life?

we’re all gonna die.

i should probs go to the rock show. so i have something to talk to St. Peter about.

cuz lord knows i dont have any good stories up my sleeve,

and all the angels and saints are dying for rock reviews.

and not tales of freedom.

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