someone said, we’re getting old T, what about our legacy

i said real friends dont call me T

he was like, yeah but like the Sopranos…

i said, when you see Tony Soprano be my guest to call him that.

he continued, ok whatever, but what about our legacy? are you gonna write any more books or do something big so that when you’re gone the people will remember you and will say ‘yeah but tony pierce, he was the shit.”

i said, no one remembers no one. not for the right reasons at least.

plus thats the biggest fakeout around.

consider Buster Keaton. dude was doing stunts that even the cops today wouldnt allow.

bro said more with his eyes than actors today can say with the best scripts

but you know how many times i see anyone with a Buster Keaton shirt

or read about how this guy is the modern day Keaton?

how about never.

theres only one person who needs to know our names when we die

and thats Jesus.

worrying about whether tom dick or harrys grandkids or great grandkids are gonna read Stiff or How to Blog or The House on the Hill

or omg Ilka is a giant waste of time

not only will they not read it, but in the rare chance they stumble across it due to some weird ass SEO or a Throwback Thursday 3000, they wont understand it or relate or they’ll get distracted by the lowercase

just like these days

which is why i put up pictures.

hi future.

sorry about the air and water.

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