hi future, it’s 2017 and we’re talking about nazis

and whats weird is we have a president who is afraid and angry about

every damn thing

but he’s not afraid or angry about Nazis, Russia, or Vladmir P on the wheels of steel.

as you know every Sunday for the last 25 years i have read the bible for an hour.

and when i do i put on either Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Thelonious Monk

which might not always be the best idea because i love that music so much i sometimes fall asleep.

one of my favorite Monk records is “Underground” which I really should read up on because the cover alone is fantastic, in particular one aspect of it

namely the Nazi tied up in the corner.

the thing i don’t get about todays political climate is if we had seen the resurrection of the Black Panthers,

with black folk marching around with torches and mace and open carrying semi-automatic weapons

and Heaven forbid one of them got in a muscle car and killed someone

trump’s head would have exploded and there would have been marshall law.

instead we barely know this suspect other than the fact his mom is in a wheelchair and he has a history of being abusive to her. WHICH SHOULD BE BAD ENOUGH AND ENOUGH REASON TO SAY NAZI BAD.

we live in a politically correct world where there seems to be two groups of people: those who seriously dont give a fuck and those who try super hard not to step on any toes.

and both of those sides tend to be consistent with which political beliefs they eschew.

so unfortunately there is not much room in the Venn Diagram for discourse.

yet there should be.

maybe there isn’t room because when the IDAF speak, what they say is so hateful and ignorant that it gets to their bosses and they (rightfully) get fired because who wants a Nazi in the building with access to the server?

but we are not going to get anywhere until we hear the fears of our brothers and sisters and allow them to speak their minds.

because it isnt until they speak from their hearts that we can help their anxiety.

i mean, i wouldn’t know, as a black man born to parents from the South, but i can imagine if you and your family have been somewhere for hundreds of years

and all of you have been able to call most of the shots in your life and have privilege and live in the best neighborhoods and can travel unmolested

that you might be fearful thinking of the fact that those who have been oppressed over time might want a little payback once the tables turn.

but heres the thing they dont realize: minorities don’t want payback.

we want peace.

we want love.

we want all the things contained in the ideal of the American Dream

and violence and revenge might make for great Tarantino movies but they bloody the cul-de-sac, so fuck that.

there are great black neighborhoods all over the USA.

i yearn for a tv show where they assemble some of those Americans and sit them down with the freaked out white males and educate them that we have our own problems, we don’t have time to treat others the way we and our ancestors have been treated.

we want simple simple things: respect, opportunity, and the ability to move freely and grow our families.

if you don’t trust me, trust that Good Book you flip through on Sundays.

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