such an interesting few weeks

found an even better mechanic who is even cooler than my already cool dudes but best of all hes a block away from me. i do feel guilty switching over to him tho because i am a loyal man and the father son team have done me really well over the years.

been driving smarter. not longer. it helped that last week was the soon-to-be end at ucla bc they were out in droves. also it helped it was pride weekend. i did better than i had in a long time. also lyft bribed me $480 to do 32 trips over the weekend. because im dumb i didnt see the message until saturday. i had already started an uber bribe so i had to get lucky to pull them both off. i struck luck in westwood. but when i got home last night i was pooped.

my new adhd meds are good, if not mild. got a med student who works at a pharmacy about them and she said they’re basically adderall. i said but isnt there an adderall shortage? she said yes but people dont know that thats what these are. but these are in a shortage too.

my car has a check engine light on it. it mostly drives well but you can tell somethings a little off. i have an appointment on the 13th to get new wires. but i need to remember to tell them that it gets hot in my car. maybe the heater is overdoing it?

im addicted to midjourney it makes me so creative.

even if im not using midjourney

or am i