im blogging somewhere else these days

i need order in my life right now and this blog is out of order and i need to start fresh somewhere.

i love this blog with all my heart but it’s coughing and weezing and it hurts me to see it.

also the archives are jacked. whole years are missing.

i have enough issues in my life. i have absolutely zero time these days.

i have to force myself to go outside.

its 505am and i still have some audio editing to do with the forthcoming podcast episode.

im down to one episode a month.

my mind is filled with idea and yet i cant do all the things i wanna do.

what do i wanna do?


i feel great

not sure why

actually yes i do

it’s because i was on tv yesterday

and because a pretty girl wrote me an email

and because im going to stop the world famous busblog very soon

and start a new one on substack

and imma buy a new car

even though theres no way i can afford one

at all

like, at all

but sometimes you have to push yourself

and im happy bc every now and then i realize ive kept myself alive through writing

which is a precarious job because you rely on other people to say ok yes youre good enough to be paid for what you type

not an easy feat

it’s a privilege actually.

especially these days when AI is geting better and better

so you have to figure out what makes you better

and you have to hope that people care that youre better

because if they dont, if they just want fodder, then they’ll go for the robot

so maybe i need to figure out a way to make fun of the robots

while using AI

anyways im happy today probably because my mom called me

after i was on tv

and she said she was happy with me

only compliment that matters in the world