it may not seem like it but i am struggling with this adhd

things take me even longer than before to finish.

i cannot do anything. im in quicksand. the doc doubled my dosage. maybe 2.5x more and all it does is make me write things like THIS. things i shouldnt be doing.

although i do feel bad that the glorious busblog the thing that launched it all has been not attended to properly.

i always thought when i was a kid because i read it in the bible, that id have multiple wives.

in a way i do, weirdly.

this thing
the Howard Stern facebook group of 22k members
hear in LA
the new Uber stories substack called Ride Overshare (the only thing on this list that keeps the lights on)
Rock Illustrated
In Lub With the Cubs
and I am the commish of two fantasy baseball leagues

none of that is overwhelming

i missed a lot of days of blogging on this thing last month

whats overwhelming is i also want to drive every night, record every night, sleep more than 4 hours, and be able to pay attention to a task for more than 3 minutes.

somehow im able to do it, but is it any good? people say the sweetest things especially about the new thing, the uber stories.

and now pretty girls are writing be again, so maybe?