male model duane storey is packing up his speedo

and moving ooooot of vancity

the talented photographer and party host, the once host of the busblog, duane said in his blog yesterday:

A few minutes ago, I delivered my 30 days notice to my current company. It is something that I have debated doing for quite some time now, not because I don’t like where I work or the people that work there, but mostly because my job is in a field I no longer find that interesting. I have been employed there for nearly five years at this point, which is strange when I think about it. I was actually out at UBC doing my master’s degree in 2004 when I answered a call in the video lab (also strange, because I hated being on campus for any length of time) for a company in Vancouver that was looking for a video expert. Jump ahead five years, and here I am.

bros moving to Chilliwack. the apartment he says is “around 1200 sq. feet, and is basically brand new. It has stainless steel appliances, a gas fireplace, dark hardwood floors, two full bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, large patio, dining room and a den, which I plan to use as an office. The best part is it’s for less money than I pay for my 700 square foot, one bedroom apartment here in Vancouver.”

his apartment in vancouver is pretty bad ass. check out his view.

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