why i dont care if you dont like this blog, by tony pierce

once you start caring what John thinks, you’re gonna care about what Paul, George and Ringo think.

and fuck Ringo.

once you start caring what Beyonce, Michelle, and Kendrick think, you’re gonna have to care about what Bruno thinks

and fuck Bruno too.

i dont mean that in a mean way i mean that in a Bruno shouldnt care what the busblog thinks either.

people should just do their own things in as close to a vacuum as they can

because before we know it we are going to be like Kansas: dust in the wind

and the kids who see what little evidence we have of our existences are going to see what we wrote

and if what we wrote was bullshit like OMG Trump Rulez or OMG USC helped South Central become what it is today

well, those kids will laugh and dismiss you forever and your legacy will be tainted.

however, if what you wrote was true and pure and honest and filled with soul and black girl magic then they will gobble all the rest of it up too.

and they will see that one page of a great blog is different on each page and each month and each year.

what you are reading is a 17 year work in progress. and it has progressed and changed and gone through ups and downs

as it has stretched and risen and flown and grown.

thats what good things do.

so if some fool takes a stab at one page and disregards the hundreds others, well

fuck Ringo and Bruno and Hater 1 and Hater 2

this aint for you anyways.

this is for the far-aways.